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That’s a slab! Makai Carlough caught this 27-inch, 7-pound 8-ounce flounder on a mud minnow at low tide in Pawleys Island. Great catch! Save a photo of that fish. Frame it. Put it away for 20 years. It will mean e en more then. By the way, don’t put the weight on the photo, that way its weight can increase with age. I caught one about 4lbs, but that guy was all the way up the Cooper River at South Mullberry plantation. Anyone from the Low Country around Charleston knows where that is. That’s a good way up to a freshwater river. A bobber coupled with a small jig and minnow is one of the best ways to coax bites from crappies in the shallows. SS Minnow Island Charter shirt It is not that easy to catch them here down south Louisiana, I’ll have them on my line without the proper moving almost all the time.  Bobber fishing is so relaxing and satisfying when it gets pulled under. On slow days this is the best! Combat parked on my street, the ups truck awaits my escape. JohnSquatch is dressed in full battle rattle: bandolier locked and loaded. Banished to the corner for raiding the treasure box of kitty roca again, I go to my happy place. The howlers stroll by taunting my imprisonment, furiously flicking their tails at me in defiance. The afternoon sunbeam catches mama howler and the itty bitty slasher like a tractor beam. I make my exit with my favorite ball on my covert mission.

SS Minnow Island Charter shirt, ladies v-neck, tank top

SS Minnow Island Charter ladies v-neck

SS Minnow Island Charter ladies v-neck

The layout of the neighborhood is tricky. One way in, blind corners, and maze-like cul-de-sacs mean this will be urban warfare. As scout and sherpa, I will guide my comrade in delivering his entrusted cache to the peoples of the ‘hood. The bark-vine has been quivering with rumors of a fresh box of cookies on board after the last fiasco. Odds favor beef flavor, but the long shot is those peanut butter morsels in the high-class treat shops. The size of the box grows like a minnow turned two-headed shark that snapped the line. Every eye, ear, and whisker is tuned to the cookie truck channel. Feline foes are lined up on the fence posts to watch the carnage. SS Minnow Island Charter shirt Like fans in the gladiator arena, they don’t care who wins as long the show is entertaining. The two nosy chickens and craggily rooster on the corner act as cookie truck siren. We stop in front of the neighbor-boxers house just long enough to get their stubs wagging in anticipation. Suckers! As we zoom off to the first stop, I see Buster’s nose sticking through the fence. I bark our arrival and Sasquatch catapults the package to the door.

SS Minnow Island Charter shirt, hoodie, longsleeve tee

SS Minnow Island Charter longsleeve tee

SS Minnow Island Charter longsleeve tee

SS Minnow Island Charter hoodie

SS Minnow Island Charter hoodie

The most dangerous part of this mission: the canine-lined dead end. I feel the gaze of the Aussie, rottie, and that SS Minnow Island Charter shirt little stinker Papillion-le-pew that I tangoed with at Woofstock. The dogs close off the exit, it’s a trap! Luckily I brought my prized possession, my orange ball. I roll it into the street and a dogpile appeared from nowhere. My trusty sidekick John went Rambo with the sausage launcher and the rest of the pack dispersed to catch the spoils. Wounded by a misfired little smokie, my partner in crime-fighting carries me home. The entire neighborhood lined the streets cheering their thanks and woke me up from my catnap, just in time for dinner. Here it is the sharp corner with the two mastiffs on one side and the white-walker that shudders the whole fence with his growl on the other. Marking both fences while walking the ‘hood with my human is a challenge, but nearly impossible at 30 mph. I channel my inner Ethan Hunt as I climb to the rooftop and do a flyby on the mastiff side then spider-dog crawl across the roof as the truck goes up on two wheels. I graffiti the white walker fence just as the tires touchdown. Even the felines give ten claws up for my harrowing stunt.