Jogger pants, still the favorite item of everyone!

Although its peak period has passed as 2015-2017, jogger pants have not been “left aside” following the decline of many other items in the streetwear wave. Still, it has gradually become an “essential item.” in the daily life of anyone, regardless of age, because of its convenience and ease of coordination. Let’s find out with ELLE Man why jogger pants are still popular and the “worth the money” shopping and matching suggestions today!

Becoming widely popular for a long time from 2014-2015 with the streetwear trend and somewhat no longer hot seven years ago, but today, jogger pants are convenient, robust, easy to coordinate. Has gradually become an “essential item” in everyone’s wardrobe, like a pair of sneakers, a pair of jeans or blazers or trucker jackets.
The characteristic of jogger pants is that they have an elastic waist or drawstring, the pants have elastic at the bottom, with good elasticity, made of cotton or polyester (today, joggers have more materials such as parachute, denim fabric. , chinos fabric…), creating a neat, comfortable and convenient feeling for the wearer when exercising.
If at first, the style of jogger pants was only geared towards clothes suitable for gym and fitness sessions, in the years 2014-2015, thanks to the explosion of street fashion, joggers could wear from home. On the street with many different styles, can be combined with many types of shirts, diverse in materials. In addition, joggers are also very popular with big stars globally, typically Kanye West, Justin Bieber. They wear this fashion style everywhere, everyday activities.
Although there are times when it seems to be regressing according to many other items of street fashion, the jogger with its most basic function of serving movement and promoting comfort has persisted as a “must” -have item” that any age can wear.

Even when the retro trend returned from 2018 and then the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, from pulling changes in people’s minds and habits, this style of pants “resurged” strongly. . When the pandemic broke out, people lived in secret days because of “social distancing,” wanting what is comfortable in fashion, getting rid of the cumbersome and looking for spacious items that promote personal space. , enhance the movement space. At this point, the essential things such as basic t-shirts, oversized t-shirts, wide-leg pants, or jogger pants speak their “voice”!
T can be seen that the very essence of jogger pants is the comfort that has gradually made it from being a part of the trend that has become an integral part of fashion basics, such as jeans, trucker jackets, tops. blazers, chinos…

Jogger pants + sweatshirt + sneaker
Replace the simple plain t-shirt above with a sweater (sweater), and you have a completely different look and a whole new set of clothes. You can accentuate your outfit with familiar accessories such as necklaces, woolen hats, etc.

Jogger pants + jacket (life jacket, hoodie, trucker…) + sneaker
With various jacket options, you can use it as layering outerwear with T-shirts or long-sleeved shirts to create dynamic mixes for the Fall-Winter weather.
SWE – Basic Sweatpants Black

SWE – Streetwear Eazy is a local brand that is quite familiar to young people in recent years with simple items, emphasizing convenience and ease to coordinate. SWE Basic Sweatpants Black quickly makes young people fall in love at first sight because of its thick fabric and simple lettering.
adidas ZNE pants
Talking about men’s jogger pants, it would be remiss not to mention Adidas in this list. With brand values ​​built from the sport with advanced technology, Adidas jogger designs are beautiful and provide the most comfortable feeling in movement.
SGES – Saigonese khaki jogger pants

The pants are innovated with a khaki (chinos) design with box pocket details of SGES, bringing the new and youthful excitement of street style.
MLB – Symbol elastic waist jogger pants

MLB is one of the famous and loved brands by many people. Not only does it offer fashionable pants, but its quality is also excellent. The Symbol and Color Block Hybrid Training elastic waist joggers feature slanted side pockets and a baseball logo and star print on the trouser leg. With modern colors, it is easy to coordinate with many costumes and accessories that are incredibly personal and make a strong impression.
BOOVietnamese young people have become familiar with BOO in the past ten years, a streetwear fashion brand with diverse styles and breakthroughs. The company’s jogger pants designs have caught up with the trend. One of the notable highlights of this 2021 is the tie-dye motif with colorful splashes, trendy but also quite delicate.
If you are a person who likes simplicity, choose the classic black color scheme to combine with a white t-shirt to create a simple but not outdated outfit.

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