Louis Vuitton x NBA Capsule II Collection: The intersection between sportwear and luxury

Three years after Louis Vuitton and the NBA launched the first Capsule collection, the two reunited to bring the continuous interference between the values ​​​​of street culture, sports, and language to the fashion and sports world. High-fashion speech on May 28 – Capsule II.

In January 2020, the fashion and sports world first witnessed the fashion collaboration between Louis Vuitton fashion house and the National Basketball Association (NBA). During the three years of cooperation, the duo has released many excellent products that have received an enthusiastic reception, such as the Bespoke Trophy Travel Case or Capsule Collection. The Louis Vuitton x NBA collections under designer Virgil Abloh have become a significant intersection between sport and luxury fashion. And recently, they continued to release the capsule Capsule II in May 2021.

Louis Vuitton x NBA Capsule II Collection – Continuing the significant intersection of sport and high fashion

In the second collection, Louis Vuitton and the NBA brought everyone back to the 1990s, the memory of the passionate time with basketball. Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Virgil Abloh brings the ultimate in pop culture in luxury brand designs and NBA sportsmanship.

The collection celebrates the beauty of sportsmanship on the football field while also reflecting the typical values ​​of Virgil Abloh’s design and career at Louis Vuitton. Capsule Collection II is designed in collaboration with Don Crawley, an expert in blending luxury fashion and sports style.

“The idea for a high-fashion line can always be found anywhere, even in fields like sports. In it, athletes and champions are both an inexhaustible source of inspiration and masters of the arts. This collection is a tribute to the relentless efforts they have devoted to basketball in particular and sports in general,” shared Louis Vuitton Art Director – Virgil Abloh.

The motifs in the design of Capsule Collection II

Don Crawley collaborated on the Keepall blouson shirt, shorts, and bag designs, featuring patches of sports icons such as the NBA logo, basketball, trophies, familiar fonts on the jerseys, and even the rings. Wristbands, creating unique highlights for all designs in this collection. Following the success of the first collection in the partnership, Capsule Collection II is built as a complete wardrobe that reflects the player’s daily fashion style, such as traveling, going out, or attending press conferences.

Besides, small accessories are combined with high-class leather bags to bring new perspectives in high-end fashion. Further details on the basketball net appear for the first time, encapsulated in a ball bag and keepall in black braille leather, mixed with several other contemporary designs. This partly makes this collection come back with a more impressive style and is expected to be sold outright from its launch.

In addition, the fashion house also introduced freeze necklaces and box-shaped rings in front of the LV x NBA logo, representing the championship symbol of the tournament. The final piece in this 2nd LV x NBA collab is a Louis Vuitton-made basketball that measures 29.5″ and will be sold with the accessory ring.


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