Prince Philip: Icon of elegant style

Prince Philip was famous as a husband who always supported the Queen in community activities throughout his life. In addition, His Holiness is also noted for his elegant fashion style, whether in formal clothes or casual clothes. Join ELLE Man to find out the fashion style of the late King Vuong through this article!

Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark. Those are the titles people often refer to Prince Philip. As the spouse of Queen Elizabeth II and a member of the British Royal Family, his attire always follows the general rules of the Royal Family. However, when we take a closer look at his clothes, we can see that Prince Phillip is a man with an exceptional fashion style – although he follows the classic sartorial rules, elegant but still colorful. Very personal.

“Prince Philip is confident in his style. He wore a navy uniform, shirt, and tie better than anyone. He was never dependent on fashion; he knew how he wanted to dress and perfected it in the best time of a century,”┬ásays Becky French of royal tailor Turnbull & Asser.

When we look closely at his clothes, we can see the importance and priorities of Prince Philip. That is comfort. This was demonstrated throughout the years of his life. Here are his best looks through the ages that make him a chic fashion icon.

Elegant style

Throughout his life, Sir Philip’s style was often associated with classic suit designs from prestigious tailors. It upheld prestigious Savile Row streets such as Gieves & Hawkes, Kent, Haste & St. Lachter, and Turnbull & Asser. Philip often mixes shirts and suit jackets or blazers together harmoniously. He always knows what combination is right for him.

In the history of classic menswear and sartorial fashion, few men have been able to wear a Western suit that can ensure the harmony between ostentatiousness and sophistication like Philip. One of the best examples of his casual style is a pale checkered blazer with dark trousers for a glamorous feel.

As the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Philip often accompanies his wife to important national events and parties at home and abroad. On such trips, his clothes are chosen quite carefully.

Sir Philip was given the title His Royal Highness by King George IV (an honorific form of a member of the Royal Family). Not long after, he was crowned Prince of the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth in 1957. Before that, Philip had studied at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth.

He was the best in his course. He also served in the Navy on ships HMS Ramillies, HMS Kent, HMS Shropshire, HMS Valiant.

Sir Philip fought in the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean and performed many vital missions.


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