Style Calendar: Exciting sports style

June, the month of intense football matches of the world cup season and the month of passionate sportsmanship. Inspired by that spirit, ELLE Man shares with readers suggestions from sports style.

Sports styles are clothes that bring a healthy look to the wearer and are suitable for many physical activities and sports, so they have long occupied an essential part in the boys’ wardrobe. The most visible items are t-shirts, joggers/track pants, and sneakers. In addition to specialized costumes for specific disciplines, designers also launch products inspired by many professions to transform into fashion designs that apply to everyday life.
Sports-inspired clothing will have specific characteristics, such as 100% cotton fabric that comes from nature without polyester or other artificial materials. Sports players or active people always sweat a lot; natural materials (mainly cotton) will absorb better than other fabrics and at the same time help the body breathe. Besides, with advances in science applied to today’s accessories, scientists have created more special fabrics with internal porosity and gaps, enhancing the ability to absorb. Sweat out quickly.

Unlike many other styles, the sporty style always brings dynamism, health, and freshness with a simple shape, but the seams are impeccable. The colors are also very diverse and are mainly solid colors that go with the brand logo or a slogan, like the three stripes on the side of Adidas taken from its logo.
Guys with a stork body should choose light colors, and those who want their slim body can be friends with dark colors. Sports style pants (jogger, track pants) always have a deeper bottom than other types of pants such as trousers, jeans, chinos, etc. allow your feet to move freely. However, if your height is relatively modest, you should not choose pants with too deep bottoms because they will make you look shorter; instead, knee-length sports shorts are a much safer choice.

To wear the right sports style, sneakers are an essential item to invest seriously; choosing a pair of sports shoes that fit your feet is critical. Sneakers are the main keyword for this style, and you will be lost entirely if you wear a different kind of shoe or have a different color. A good shoe should fit the foot, not be too tight or too wide. Do not choose too big shoes for your feet because it will make you look like you are being “swallowed” by the shoes.
The color is the same. Although it is not always necessary to tone-sur-tone like clothes, sneakers also need to create a seamless connection with the whole, especially for people of modest height because this will help you” trick” the eye and appear taller.

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