Top styles of men’s earrings leading the trend in 2021

As a fashion connoisseur, you know well how important accessories can effectively accentuate your style. Not only rings, bracelets, or watches, but earrings (earrings) also make a massive difference in style. Invite ELLE Man readers to look at the top techniques of men’s earrings leading this 2021 trend.

In recent years, the trend of men’s earrings has been as diverse as women’s, even with the spread of unisex style and the wave of fashion erasing gender, it also infringed on “female” designs. ” more than. Let’s take a look at the hottest male earring trends of 2021.

Earrings – feminine or disruptive accessories for men?

Earrings and jewelry for men in the present time are diverse and booming because the strict laws of the past are no longer relevant, which gives fashion houses or accessory makers a lot of space. More creative. However, it remains the choice of a design consistent for yourself and circumstances.

Besides the rules of dress, familiar accessories such as watches, rings, or bracelets, earrings are also something we should pay attention to to enhance our personal image.

Hoops Earrings

Hoops is one of the most popular earring designs in the world of men’s jewelry. While they don’t look as out-of-the-ordinary as stud earrings, they are more comfortable and easier to wear. You can wear this type of earrings 24/7, even while sleeping, because the ring design does not have any metal posts touching the skin, causing inconvenience in sleeping positions.

Stud Earrings

The stud style is the most basic and popular type of earring because of its classic look. This is also the earring type that is often used after the piercing for 6-8 weeks to shape and avoid clogging due to skin healing. Rivet earrings are suitable for any fashion style. They are also diverse in design, size, and materials (but the most familiar are still sterling silver, white gold, platinum, resin, etc.).

Barbell Earrings

For those who specialize in piercing and like the “hardcore” feeling, because with this type of talent, you have to pierce through the cartilage in the back rim (Helix hole) and the front rim cartilage (Forward Felix). And this feeling will be more painful than piercing in the earlobe. So advice for those who want to experience, choose reputable establishments with specialized earplugs.

These barbell earrings are also often pierced on the nose, collarbone, Tragus bug (small cartilage located in front of the ear), and navel with barbells of different lengths and lengths.


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