Tri Shiba – The person who paints the soul of the word

Le Tri (Tri Shiba) is only 24 years old but has five years of experience in self-studying, composing, and teaching calligraphy – a subject that is not so popular in artistic life in Vietnam.

Calligraphy (Western calligraphy or the art of writing) comes from the Ancient Greek words kallos (κάλλος) meaning “beauty” and grape (γραφή) meaning “text.” Text is the most common ways of communicating and conveying human messages. The calligrapher’s job is to make the news more beautiful, expressing the spirit of the text content using the suitable typeface, logically arranged and combined with the graphics. Art class.

Before becoming a calligrapher, Tri Shiba studied at the University of Architecture, majoring in Interior Design, and switched to self-taught graphic design in 2014. In 2015, Tri was given calligraphy tools by a friend and found them by himself. Learned through tutorials on YouTube, Behance… At one point, Tri Shiba felt that he wanted to stick with this subject for a long time, so he temporarily put aside his graphic design work and switched to calligraphy.

When I first started pursuing calligraphy, what was the most significant difficulty Tri Shiba had ever encountered?

The work aspect is the most frustrating for me. I don’t work in the company to aim for promotion. My field is not popular to expand the direction, so only I have to struggle to overcome myself. Moreover, this is a traditional subject, so its applicability is minimal. How to make a living to grow higher is a headache that Tri has to face every day. But when he passed that stage and was known by some of his friends, Tri began to have more ideas and “live” with his chosen path.

At that time and perhaps even now, calligraphy is not a very popular art in Vietnam. Why does Tri believe that she has the potential to develop this job?

Tri was hesitant at first. Actually, at that time, I didn’t know what to apply calligraphy too. However, because calligraphy is not popular in Vietnam and documents are mainly in foreign languages, many of you have suggested that Tri organize short courses to share his experience. Fortunately, many people are interested in participating, but there are also friends from abroad who also want to study. So Tri thought about composing manuals in English and selling them online. Thanks to this, Tri has the opportunity to access markets in the region and other countries. Then Tri was known by Toolart in Singapore, helping to open workshops and online classes, helping Tri develop his work. Everything happens. Naturally, I can’t predict it.

According to Tri Shiba, what qualities should a calligrapher have?

The essence of calligraphy is the intersection between aesthetic and logical elements, with calculations such as scaling, arranging the layout, and handling strokes assembled into letters. If you have both aesthetic thinking and analytical thinking ability, you will develop faster. However, even if you don’t have the talent, you can still practice until you get used to it. It just takes more time.

The main object of calligraphy is writing, and letters are always limited in available shapes and structures. It is very different from pure painting, which can take material from life or imagination. How can Tri always have new creations without creating a sense of duplication?

That was the same problem Tri had a year ago. When I do enough, I will feel the work is somewhat repetitive if I sit and write the same typeface, layout, ink, and paper. Therefore, Tri has to self-explore and develop techniques. For this subject, I can expand in many different directions.

First, there is a technique called flourish. Those are regular patterns that players can apply to letters to stylize and diversify their works.

Second, I can alter the letter by using the tilt of the pen. When placing the cell at different inclinations, it will create different thicknesses, thicknesses, and thicknesses. Players can customize to create a different spirit for the text.

Third, Tri develops decorative elements, applying the foundation of fine arts to create textures such as leaves, animals, Roman architecture, etc., to contribute to clarifying the content.

In addition, some basic techniques need to change a little. The writing will be different. Next is the material. Writing on other paper with different ink will create a different effect, or using emulsion ink, the gold-plated technique will also create a new spirit for the work.

It is said that handwriting is a human character. So how does the handwriting represent Tri’s person?

Some people say they like Tri’s work because of the detail. Tri always focuses on the most minor details without losing the overall layout. Tri thinks that’s how people look at Tri’s work and people.


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