Van Halen 50th 1972 2022 anniversary thanks you for the memories shirt

Matthew Carrabsariana doesn’t even sound like herself4 . Lupita GonzálezI loved this song since i heard it for the first time1 . ArthurThis collaboration makes this song even more beautiful! 7 . Kris MarThe original is great! And when Ariana Grande’s voice was added to it…..that’s perfection! 1 . Max MooreVery nice… I like how we can hear the voices better than before.. I like hearing the voices.. . Arslan MemonYou did a perfect job ruinin that song8 . Jenna Müller-WillenbrockMy two favourite artists in one song. pls more!Your voices are the best. 2 . Anna Pratichi Gísladóttir BhattacharjeeOne of the few times a remix is better than the original1 . Noelia DeL Pilar ChrI don’t like this remix tbh, I’m a big fan of they both but yeah i don’t like the song . Laura LlanoWHAT IS HAPPENING IN COLOMBIA?The Colombian government decided to present a Tax Reform in the midst of a pandemic, this implies raising taxes affecting thousands of Colombians (especially middle and lower class) because the costs of their basic needs would be very high.Thousands of Colombians came out to demonstrate against this and they are KILLING them for exercising their constitutional rights. They do not let them march or protest, they repress them and they cannot refute against the corruption of the government. They are practically in a civil battle ESMAD has the order to attack the protesting citizens with everything. There are multiple cases of abuse of authority against human rights defenders, the elderly, children, EVERYONE. There are not enough shelters, doctors and defense equipment for citizens. Let it go viral. Van Halen 50th 1972 2022 anniversary thanks you for the memories shirt

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Van Halen 50th 1972 2022 anniversary thanks you for the memories shirt

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